[Scribus] Final .pot File for Scribus

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Wed Jul 9 12:53:00 CEST 2003

>>> "-  Menu File -> Export... -> Save Page as SVG... - in the Polish 
>>> version
>>> of "Save Page as SVG..." a Polish character (egonek) is replaced by
>>> question mark. Which makes me think, Scribus uses in this particular
>>> case not the encoding from scribus.pl_PL.po, but from somewhere else
>>> (see attachement)"
>>> I checked it once again with  today's cvs version (Build ID: 4. Juli
>>> 2003, F-C-C-T) and with "--lang ru " and "--lang cs" options at that.
>>> The result is similar to the Polish version (see the attached screen
>>> shots) - our national diacritics are replaced by question marks.
>> This is definitly a Qt issue, since the Menues are drawn by Qt. If Qt
>> doesn't find a Glyph for a language it replaces it with the question
>> mark. The only solution is to find a useable Default Font for your
>> language and set this in Qt-Config or the KDE-Control panel.
> I doubt very strongly it is a QT issue, because this phenomenon only
> occurs in connection with SVG plugin messages, which you included into
> the main application some days ago. All other Polish messages including
> Polish glyphs are displayed correctly. Actually,  if you look at the
> screen shots I'd attached to my previous mail, you'll see the same
> Polish glyph (eogonek) displayed correctly two lines above the corrupt
> message (in the Polish version of "Save Page as EPS" message). Please
> also notice the Russian and Czech screen shots which make this problem
> pretty obvious.

I checked it with today's  CVS version (Scribus Version 1.0, Build ID:
8. Juli 2003, F-C-C-T) => still the same display error in the Polish
version of the "Save Page as SVG..." message. Other translated messages
are displayed correctly (same font, same glyphs - see attachement).


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