[Scribus] Printing Landscape cont'd

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Sat Jul 5 00:53:19 CEST 2003


On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 16:49, Franz Schmid wrote:
> Patrick wrote:
> > Peter & Franz,
> > First let me appologize for my stupidity and causing you to take the
> > time to search down bugs that weren't there.  It seems that my build of
> > QT3 was defective in more ways than I initially thought, plus my
> > inability to tell Scribus' print dialog what orientation I wanted to
> > print out.
> Appologizes accepted, I've seen many cases in the last 2 years, where it
> finally turned out that it had been a defective Qt lib. I'm the opinion
> that it's generally the best to compile Qt by yourself. Most of the Distros
> do integrate some of their own stuff (Bugfixes and so called Improvements)
> into the libs that it's very difficult to make things right for every-
> body.

Exactly, I bothered Franz with several bug reports on crashes with
something like "Qlist or Qgrid out of bounds" with RH 7/8 Qt 3 packages.
Since I have compiled my own Qt 3.1.2, all those messages and crashes
have disappeared. 

Not a big deal - and Franz was able to make two small fixes which just
add polish.  Plus, I now have tested part of Scribus which I rarely use
- auto text frames. Testing like this is what finds and catches the
small bugs and make the program more reliable.
> The newest riddle is that Slackware 9 users can't enter Text from the Key-
> board, but it works on every other Distro.
> > Everything is working as Peter said it was, text chains, which I suspect
> > was one of the qt3 bugs I was having, and landscape printout works
> > great. That is if you select it to print out in landscape!  ;o)
> The Option to print in Landscape was missing indeed, in this case you
> were totally right.
> > Only thing I am seeing now is the refresh bug Peter mentioned when
> > having multiple pages with multiple columns.  Sorry if I caused you guys
> > any undue stress or worry.  :o)
> Today I made some small improvement in this case, but the Textboxes are the
> most complex Object Scribus has. A small hint, you can always force a redraw
> by pressing the middle Mouse Button.

The improvement works perfectly for me. I just tested the auto text flow
and it fills from one frame to another just as expected. No need to
force a refresh. 


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