[Scribus] Text chains

Patrick magicpage91
Fri Jul 4 04:50:28 CEST 2003

New news/testing

ok, it's worse than I thought to begin with in text chains.  Created
landscape page, two equal columns.  Inserted text, text chain to second
box, looks nice.  Created second page, two equal columns/text boxes. 
Second column active on first page, click on first box in second page,
nothing but not a disappearing act either.  Tried again, nothing,
scrolled page as recommended by Peter, bam, text in box shows up!  Text
chain tool again for second box, second page.  Text flows along nicely.

Create third page with two equal columns.  Second box, second page
active, choose text chain tool, click on first box, third page, nothing
happens.  Ok this is just a matter of refresh problems like before,
right?  Wrong!  Scroll up to first two pages, second column, second page
disappears!  Scroll to first page, second column becomes unintelligble! 
Scroll around again, second column, first page starts disappearing. 
The more scrolling you do, the worse it all gets.

Frustration sets in, time to quit before many not so nice descriptive
words begin to move from brain to mouth.  :o)


By the way, this is after a recompile of the program.  It's odd that
after 2 compiles, the Build ID: 2 July 2003 remains instead of today's
date.  Usually the ID is the present date, don't understand.

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