[Scribus] Printing Landscape cont'd

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Fri Jul 4 22:49:43 CEST 2003

Patrick wrote:
> Peter & Franz,
> First let me appologize for my stupidity and causing you to take the
> time to search down bugs that weren't there.  It seems that my build of
> QT3 was defective in more ways than I initially thought, plus my
> inability to tell Scribus' print dialog what orientation I wanted to
> print out.
Appologizes accepted, I've seen many cases in the last 2 years, where it
finally turned out that it had been a defective Qt lib. I'm the opinion
that it's generally the best to compile Qt by yourself. Most of the Distros
do integrate some of their own stuff (Bugfixes and so called Improvements)
into the libs that it's very difficult to make things right for every-

The newest riddle is that Slackware 9 users can't enter Text from the Key-
board, but it works on every other Distro.

> Everything is working as Peter said it was, text chains, which I suspect
> was one of the qt3 bugs I was having, and landscape printout works
> great. That is if you select it to print out in landscape!  ;o)
The Option to print in Landscape was missing indeed, in this case you
were totally right.

> Only thing I am seeing now is the refresh bug Peter mentioned when
> having multiple pages with multiple columns.  Sorry if I caused you guys
> any undue stress or worry.  :o)
Today I made some small improvement in this case, but the Textboxes are the
most complex Object Scribus has. A small hint, you can always force a redraw
by pressing the middle Mouse Button.

Best Regards,
Franz Schmid

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