[Scribus] Text chains

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Thu Jul 3 05:57:34 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 21:56, Patrick wrote:
> New problem:  text chains across pages
> I don't think this has been addressed before and if so, just disregard
> my ramblings.  While working in landscape mode pages, created two equal
> size text boxes on page.  Inserted some text in the first box, created
> text chain to the second box, flowed smoothly continuing text from the
> first.  Created second page, again two text boxes same size.  Tried
> flowing text or creating text chain from second box to the third on the
> new page, it would not work.  Tried again to create text chain, no
> success.  Changed document view/setup to show facing pages, thinking it
> might need to have both viewable at the same time to work.  Scribus
> locked, cpu usage to 100% and had to kill the process.

Works for me with tonight's cvs. I just created 8 pages with landscape
mode and switched several times between facing pages and single page
layout. I started with a single page and threaded the text frames one by
one. One note, sometimes you need to scroll the view up and down just a
bit to provoke a screen refresh to get the text flow to show on screen.
Otherwise, it works fine. 

> I hope that is detailed enough for you guys to duplicate error.  One
> thing I am a bit confused about is the way you have incorporated the
> text flow and text chains.  From what I can tell, the text box you want
> the text to flow from has to be the active box, while selecting the text
> chain icon and clicking in the next box you want the text to flow.  Is
> that correct?  

That is correct.

> I ask, because of the other programs I have used, it is
> usually a matter of grabbing the text chain/flow tool, clicking in the
> box/page that has your overflow of text, then clicking on the following
> pages or boxes until all the text is visible.  Also, in other programs,
> there were settings to create identical pages/boxes on pages
> automatically when inserting text, until all the text was inserted, if
> there is to be an overflow.

Add that to the wish list for 1.1..


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