[Scribus] qt problem - work-around found

Steve Herrick steveh
Wed Jul 2 23:04:01 CEST 2003

Magic Page wrote:

> That's why we all subscribe to these mail lists Steve!  ;o)
> We are here in varying degrees of knowledge, but always eager to help
> no matter what level we are at!

True enough, but this is only the latest case of what many people 
(including me) say about Linux and its software - it's great, once you 
get it installed. But if the installation process is difficult and/or 
confusing, people won't ever get to see how great it is. Newbies may not 
have the patience to sign up for a list like this, then wait a day or 
two for an answer - and that's assuming they know of the list at all. 
And they certainly won't read configure in the meantime.

My thinking right now is how Scribus can compete with InDesign and 
Quark. It has quite a ways to go, but it is also improving at an amazing 
pace. I see three urgent issues:

1. Allow text editing without redrawing the frame after every stupid 
2. Accurately portray fonts at all sizes.
3. Make installing easier. RPMs are good; so is apt-get. CVS is not good 
- lots of us want to be designers, not developers.

Then we can move on to the more detailed things. I have more lists. :)

If elections are just something where you go in, you push a button,
and go home, then it doesn't make much difference which button you push.
- Noam Chomsky

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