[Scribus] qt problem - work-around found

Patrick magicpage91
Thu Jul 3 04:18:07 CEST 2003

On Wed, 02 Jul 2003 15:04:01 -0600
Steve Herrick <steveh at greens.org> wrote:

> Magic Page wrote:
> > That's why we all subscribe to these mail lists Steve!  ;o)
> > We are here in varying degrees of knowledge, but always eager to
> > help no matter what level we are at!
> True enough, but this is only the latest case of what many people 
> (including me) say about Linux and its software - it's great, once you
> get it installed. But if the installation process is difficult and/or 
> confusing, people won't ever get to see how great it is. Newbies may
> not have the patience to sign up for a list like this, then wait a day
> or two for an answer - and that's assuming they know of the list at
> all. And they certainly won't read configure in the meantime.
> ====================
Linux is about as simple as anything to install right now, even for the
casual user.  What most people don't think about is the fact that
Windows comes on their machines, so they have never had to install that
from scratch.  If they did, you would hear as many more
complaints/screams about that, I can assure you!  A first time user
should buy a Linux package to get the manuals included.  These are
invaluable to them in many ways.  If that is not possible or the person
is just too tight to purchase, then one should have a 10 year old around
or other knowledgable person to lend support.  ;o)

> My thinking right now is how Scribus can compete with InDesign and 
> Quark. It has quite a ways to go, but it is also improving at an
> amazing pace. I see three urgent issues:
> 1. Allow text editing without redrawing the frame after every stupid 
> character.
> 2. Accurately portray fonts at all sizes.
> 3. Make installing easier. RPMs are good; so is apt-get. CVS is not
> good - lots of us want to be designers, not developers.
> Then we can move on to the more detailed things. I have more lists. :)
> -- 
> Steve
> ==

Scribus, I believe could compete quite well in the DTP arena.  It does
indeed have a ways to go in some areas, but considering the version,
these guys have done a remarkable job!  I would like to respond to your
3 items as well.

1.  It would be nice if you could set it up to automatically create and
continue typing into a new text box, should you exceed the one you are
working in at the time or even have the box automatically expand as you
type.  I could see some problem with this though as Scribus is not
intended to be a word processor, so don't try to use it as such.  Maybe
the developers could include a basic text editor in the program to open
as a separate window.  I have used other DTP programs that do this.

2.  Font display has been working pretty well for me in Scribus for a
long time now, but I would like a better result when changing sizes. 
Having to go into the Measurements window to adjust line spacing to keep
down the font overlap seems crude.

3.  RPMs are available for just about every distro now of the stable
releases, but if you want to keep on the bleeding edge, then CVS is the
only way to go! CVS was not meant to be for the faint of heart or casual
user. It's meant for the gotta have the latest build, I don't care if it
crashes in the middle of an important project type of a guy or girl. 
It's the user that decides how far they want to go, user or
developer.  :o)

Hope that helps to clarify.


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