[Scribus] On cutting, copying and pasting

Paul paulf.johnson
Mon Apr 28 23:49:16 CEST 2003


> Thanks Paul for the new build, didn't have any problems here getting
> things compiled and running.  Here are my findings on the above
> mentioned items.

Good to know - what did you think to the new font picker?

> Copying and pasting sends Scribus to the dead zone, nada, just dies!

Did the console report anything?

> Cutting and pasting now works as it should without doing anything
> unexpectd.


> One thing I notice and I wonder about this also.  If you highlight
> some text in one of the boxes, it is automatically copied to the kde
> clipboard, so why doesn't it work to use the middle mouse button to
> paste?  Second, I noticed the text in the clipboard is the font
> coding, not the actual text.  It appears in the clipboard the same way
> it did in Scribus before the fix.

Pass. I use gnome, so have no idea on why this should happen in KDE.
Franz - any ideas?

> This is your latest release: Build-ID: 17:11:33 Apr 28 2003 F-C-C-T

Quite a handy way of saying when it was built that ;-)



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