[Scribus] On cutting, copying and pasting

Patrick magicpage91
Tue Apr 29 02:44:51 CEST 2003

On 28 Apr 2003 22:49:16 +0100
Paul <paulf.johnson at ukonline.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi,

> Good to know - what did you think to the new font picker?
> ******************
I appologize for not looking at it again as I thought it was the same
picture you posted last nite.  But I did view it prior to responding and
it looks nice.  Is it possible to also add an icon button to the tool
bar to select it?  That should simplify the task of font attributes a
> > Copying and pasting sends Scribus to the dead zone, nada, just dies!
> Did the console report anything?
Segmentation fault
That is all it shows, but it happened differently this time.  Just out
of curiousity, I created a text box, inserted some text from a file.  I
chose some text, went to the menu, selected copy.  Created another text
box and selected that box for text, pasted from the menu and it didn't
crash.  I tried it again without mishap.  Then I did Ctrl-V for paste
which also worked without crashing!  I then selected some new text from
the first box, chose "cut" from the menu, which promptly killed that
Scribus session with a segmentation fault.
> > Cutting and pasting now works as it should without doing anything
> > unexpectd.
> Good.
Guess I have to take this sentence back!  ;o)
> > One thing I notice and I wonder about this also.  If you highlight
> > some text in one of the boxes, it is automatically copied to the kde
> > clipboard, so why doesn't it work to use the middle mouse button to
> > paste?  Second, I noticed the text in the clipboard is the font
> > coding, not the actual text.  It appears in the clipboard the same
> > way it did in Scribus before the fix.
> Pass. I use gnome, so have no idea on why this should happen in KDE.
> Franz - any ideas?
> *******************
Does the clipboard work correctly in Gnome2 for this?  I admit I haven't
tried it in Gnome, since I use KDE most often.
> > This is your latest release: Build-ID: 17:11:33 Apr 28 2003 F-C-C-T
> Quite a handy way of saying when it was built that ;-)
> Paul

Yes, that should be helpful to you guys working on it, so you don't have
to retrace your footsteps in running down a problem.


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