[Scribus] display issue

T-MAN t_man
Sat Apr 26 14:29:34 CEST 2003

> I spent a fun couple of hours last night trying to replicate this under
> RH 9 and Slackware 8 but couldn't duplicate it. fcntl is only used when
> playing with files so is pretty simple to trace.
> Do the two errors occur in the console window at the same time or do you
> do something inbetween them (for instance you click on fonts and that
> generates the fcntl error, click on file and it's fine then click on
> fonts and the error is generated). This will shorten down the amount of
> time spent searching for the bug.

Little specification: I have the same problem (exactly) with anti-aliased 
fonts, but without any error messages on MDK9.1. When I delete the .scribusrc 
file the anti-aliasing is back, but after next start of Scribus is 
anti-aliasing gone.


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