[Scribus] display issue

Paul paulf.johnson
Sat Apr 26 11:30:41 CEST 2003


> > when run for the first time from the console, i get the following error
> > message:
> >
> > fcntl: Bad file descriptor
> > fcntl: Bad file descriptor
> >
> > this message doesn't appear on subsequent running of the program. any
> > hints as to what is going on?
> >
> > thanks and regards, subash.
> I have the same problem on MDK9.1.

I spent a fun couple of hours last night trying to replicate this under
RH 9 and Slackware 8 but couldn't duplicate it. fcntl is only used when
playing with files so is pretty simple to trace.

Do the two errors occur in the console window at the same time or do you
do something inbetween them (for instance you click on fonts and that
generates the fcntl error, click on file and it's fine then click on
fonts and the error is generated). This will shorten down the amount of
time spent searching for the bug.



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