[scribus-dev] Overnight compile of 1.5.0 no longer works.

William Bader williambader at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 00:44:17 UTC 2015

> Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 15:16:58 -0500
> From: John at wexfordpress.com
> I put Qt5.4 in /opt since that was the default.
> I assume that I should add that directory
> (/opt/Qt) to my default search path. But my
> compile script is so full of special statements,
> many of them pointed at Qt5.1 that I despair of
> getting it right again. I'll try for a while and
> then holler for help.

I posted my build script at http://williambader.com/pat/makescribus15.sh
It probably works only for me, but it might help to see what I set.
I have no problems building 1.5.0 on my Fedora 20 laptop, but I wrote the script before I updated to Fedora 20 and I had to build qt5 from source and use qtchooser to select it.
I set a number of environment variables: PATH to put the new QT tools on the path, QT_SELECT for qtchooser, PKG_CONFIG_PATH for the qt5 pkgconfig pc files.
I also ran cmake with -DQT_PREFIX=/path/to/my/qt5
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