[scribus-dev] [documentliberation-discuss] TODO for librevenge release

alonso laurent.alonso at inria.fr
Tue Apr 29 08:06:41 UTC 2014

Le 28 avr. 2014 à 20:46, David Tardon <dtardon at redhat.com> a écrit :

> Hello all,
	Hello all,

> As there has not been much progress in librevenge during the past few
> months (I am as guilty here as anyone else), I decided to push it
> forward a bit. I created a TODO list at
> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/DLP/Libraries/librevenge , so we
> have some concrete goals to go for.
	So a quick answer with some small ideas:

> Must
> [modifier]Interface modifications
> 	• all
> 		• support embedded fonts [Brennan]
> 			• Does this need an interface change?
> 		• support alternate representation of content [David]
> 			• e.g., allow a generator to use alternate text instead of an image, if the generator cannot process that
> 			• IIRC we agreed on how to do that; I just need to dig up the e-mail
> 	• Drawing
> 		• support master pages [Fridrich]
			Would be nice ( even better if we can support header and footer)
> 		• support connectors [David]
> 		• support groups [David]
			Supporting group in Writer can also be nice...
> 	• Presentation
> 		• support animations [David]
> 		• support slide transitions [David]
> 		• support charts [David]
			I tried to add limited support for charts for Spreadsheet, but this is very complicated
			( and I am not fully sure that I have chosen the good interface ) ;
			note that this also implied to add support to create formula, ...
> [modifier]Should
> 	• all
> 		• decide whether to keep setDocumentMetaData or fold it into startDocument [Fridrich]
> 			• there was a discussion, but I do not think we really decided
			I think that Fridrich has already do that ...
> 		• allow to pass document settings [Laurent]
> 			• IIRC Laurent wanted something like that?
			Can be nice, but I do not know if this is really important… 

			In fact, when I last worked on libodfgen, I added code to export settings in all generators
			 ( but mainly to make these classes behaviors more identical )
> 		• decide whether to drop define(Un)orderedListLevel [Fridrich]
> 			• based on unanswered Fridrich's mail from 2014-12-16 (unfortunate timing, apparently)
		       Normally, these functions have already been dropped. 

			But this problem is more general, i.e. we have many define functions, some are implemented, 
			but I am not sure that all these functions are implemented ...
> 		• add at least BIPU documentation
> [modifier]Ideas
> 	• all
> 		• support forms
> 			• buttons, lists, etc.
> 			• I would rather avoid that, at least now. Forms are quite complicated...
> 		• offer a way to track progress
> 			• e.g., function void addProgressListener(RVNGProgressListener *), where RVNGProgressListener interface contains function virtual void notifyProgress(int/double) (either int 0..100 or double 0.0..1.0)
> 			• does not imply that libraries actually have to handle it
> 	• new
> 		• an interface for bitmaps
> 			• to allow insertion, not just opening as a drawing document
> 			• can be done anytime, as it does not require changes to existing interfaces
> 		• an interface for databases
> 			• does anyone want/need it?
> 			• can be done anytime, as it does not require changes to existing interfaces
			 We would probably need to add it latter, but not now ( and this seems a very complex task )

	Potential ideas:
		. Is it better if we make all interface inherit from a basic generic interface ?
		. Do we need to add some numbering styles interfaces in text, … (i.e. functions which allows to define
		a number/date/time format ) ? Idem for formula
		. If the interface for presentation need also chart, do we need to add a RVNGChartInterface and some
		mechanism to obtain access to this interface in RVNGPresentation/SpreadsheetInterface



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