[scribus-dev] Request of account to scribus bugzilla

Martin.Malec Martin.Malec at email.cz
Wed Apr 30 10:27:26 UTC 2014

Hello, I have found a forward compatibility bug in recent night build of 
scribus 1.5 (failing to open a sla file correctly created in scribus 1.4.3 
that scribus 1.4.3 opens correctly), could you please create an account for 
me in bugzilla?

Desired username "brozkeff"

Or, if you just want to send the screenshot and the invalid sla file I could
do it and forget about the bugzilla, I am not a developer, just a regular 
user who tried new version of scribus from ubuntu ppa, to see whether it 
solves some issues I have with 1.4 on my Linux Mint 16. (well it solves 
some, but introduces some new like not being able to continue working on the
files I was doing recently :-))

Thank you

Martin Malec

+420 737740166
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