[scribus-dev] Table/Cell PP sections sketches

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jun 20 17:25:05 UTC 2011


> > you should know very well that the PP rework has been done under the
> > supervision of a professional UI expert.
> > we're already going in the direction your suggesting!
> Complete design starts with a study: users interview, raw notes,
> analysis etc.

it has been done, at least partially. 

> > on the other hand: we are a free software project and i'm not sure
> > that we should have the goal to filter everything through the eyes
> > of an UI expert...
> Well, this is where I either shut up or swear really loudly. I choose
> shutting up.

... you're really loud, when you're shutting up!

> > also, in the specific case of the table editing, the project is
> > being done through a GSOC and i'm not sure that it would have been
> > a good idea to make it depend on the results of another project
> > (the UI one).
> Works for GIMP students.



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