[scribus-dev] Table/Cell PP sections sketches

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jun 20 15:56:01 UTC 2011


>> adding and removing rows, cells or columns should be made as an action
>> relative to the current selection...
>> in the PP, in the context menu and / or in the main menues...
> Frankly speaking, I don't understand your urge to hide everything in
> menus and be happy with that. No, it's OK to have add/remove rows in
> main menu and context menu, but a toolbar floating at a small offset
> from the table (right on canvas) will make such common operations much
> easier to access.

in your quest to be controversial, you understand many things in a way 
they were not meant... it's a pity.

my point was about the "columns" and "rows" fields themselves, not where 
the settings are placed (you may notice the three dots meaning "or other 
most tables i create don't look like a simple grid and therefore -- 
after the creation -- counting the columns and rows does not make much 
if i am not mistaking, this is the case for most tables which are not 
meant to be used for calculations.

btw, if you have a concept ready for small toolbars floating around, 
please write a nice specification. i guess that there will be many ears 
listening to you!

personally, i'm happy with a good control panel (well, two control 
panels) and a menu where i know that i will find every possible 
formatting option on the one side, and a good set of keyboard shortcuts 
on the other side.
(both the PP and the shortcuts will have to be improved to meet those 
quality requirements!)

of course, i would be even happier if we could find a way to show 
contextual popups in a similar way that the mypaint lets me change 
color... but until now, i've heard not heard or thought of an idea which 
really passed some basic usability checks...
do you have some ideas?


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