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rhinokitty rhinokitty at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 18:28:38 CET 2011

On 1/12/11 5:53 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 01/12/2011 12:52 AM, RhinoKitty wrote:
>> The expected behavior that (just one user, but hopefully it helps) she
>> was looking for was to click on a large icon that says "Download" in
>> large font, perhaps to have an EXE automatically download. Also
>> acceptable would be to click on a download icon and be directed to one
>> to three options on a subpage, that ask for your operating system.
>> I think making a best guess at what the user will want when visiting the
>> webpage to download is worth it, to increase adoption of the software.
>> If people are being driven off by usability before they download the
>> software, you are surely missing more valuable user feedback that could
>> be given by someone who has the software installed already.
> the "expected behavior" is something Microsoft has carefully cultivated
> to induce an artificial (and we would have to say, unfounded) trust in
> Windows/MS to "do the right thing", as well as make sure that Windows
> users learn as little as possible about what's going on.

Totally.  Microsoft is a great example of a corporation with too much 
power, I worked for CorpWatch and railed against MS not only their bad 
software but labor practices, environmental record, etc..

> (one of the things about computer viruses is that they "just work"â„¢)
> I do think that we can do more to perhaps show some example screenshots
> of what Windows and MacOS users can expect when they venture to
> Sourceforge. The Scribus sites have had some major upheaval lately, but
> perhaps now things are quieting down.

The Ubuntu website strikes a really nice balance.  They have every 
option you could want (download via torrent, 32 vs. 64 bit, etc..), as a 
direct link on their site, but they walk the user through the 
experience, gently holding their hand and whispering, "It's okay to love 
FOSS, come with me."


1. DOWNLOAD UBUNTU in really big letters
2. A page with a set of instructions to follow
3. Special note for Windows users (open source on windows is a good hook 
to get people a "taste" of freedom, I switched to Ubuntu linux after 
realizing that every program I was running was open source, except the 
one notable glaring exception, the OS)
4. Alternate options (this is for the geeks, who know that they want the 
previous version, for 64 bit as a torrent and they only want to download 
it from Sweden because of their favorable views on software freedom)

Anyway, thanks again for making this great tool, I appreciate your response!


> I just have to find out where users seem to be directed to see if I can
> intercept them before they get to Sourceforge. It's really a matter of
> finding the right link to click, after which the download and
> installation should be pretty familiar to Windows users.
> Greg
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