[scribus-dev] Thank you Scribus developers!

O. Moskalenko malex at scribus.info
Wed Jan 12 19:04:45 CET 2011

* rhinokitty <rhinokitty at gmail.com> [2011-01-12 09:28:38 -0800]:

> On 1/12/11 5:53 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> >On 01/12/2011 12:52 AM, RhinoKitty wrote:
> >>
> >>The expected behavior that (just one user, but hopefully it helps) she
> >>was looking for was to click on a large icon that says "Download" in
> >>large font, perhaps to have an EXE automatically download. Also
> >>acceptable would be to click on a download icon and be directed to one
> >>to three options on a subpage, that ask for your operating system.

Does http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Download help? It's not an "automated"
os-specific download button, but it's a single click after reading two
sentences to choose between stable and developmental. What would your wife
think about that?

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