[scribus] new computer - what OS best for Scribus 1.5.8

Ingo Wichmann iw-listen at villa-vogelsang.de
Wed Aug 10 12:45:09 UTC 2022

Hi Martin,

if openSuSE or third party repositories do not offer scribus packages, 
you may have a look at flatpak:

I didn't test, but you may be able to install scribus with these steps:

sudo -i
zypper install flatpak
flatpak remote-add flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo
flatpak remote-info flathub net.scribus.Scribus
flatpak install net.scribus.Scribus

And then start scribus with:
flatpak run com.spotify.Client



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Am 10.08.22 um 14:24 schrieb Martin Zaske LINGO:
> Dear list,
> our project has received the gift of a new computer.
> So I can set up a new (old) machine where we do our DTP. We have got two
> large screens and printers, scanners, pen-and-tablet and that place is
> reserved for "publishing". It will be a mainstream office HP desktop
> with sufficient power and memory, no worries there.
> I have looked at https://www.scribus.net/downloads/unstable-branch/
> and have done some more searching and find that Scribus does not love
> OpenSuse (which I know best). Cannot find a package for 1.5.8 for Leap
> 15.4 and can only get 1.5.6 for Leap 15.3. Not exiting.
> So on the Scribus website I mainly see Ubuntu and I see Gentoo. Which of
> those two is working really well with Scribus, like mutual love?
> We are in Africa and our team is great but will not quickly "just like
> that" jump into a new OS and "figure it out". They know OpenSuse so far
> with KDE desktop thingy and some recent Windows like 8 and now 10.
> My main priority is "Where can we easily obtain the best Scribus and
> have it properly installed (no hacks, no compiling, this shall be a
> stable production setup)?    (like presently this list has recommended
> 1.5.8 and it works great for me on my personal Windows notebook)"
> I will then learn to install what OS you recommend and will train myself
> and the team.
> I do not want to trigger any OS discussions, just want to define Scribus
> as our priority and have the OS adapt. Of course each answer will
> contain opinion and that is fine, I can handle that. Please just share
> what works well in your production-setups.
> Thank you and greetings,
> Martin
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