[scribus] new computer - what OS best for Scribus 1.5.8

Martin Zaske LINGO martin.zaske at lingo-benin.org
Wed Aug 10 12:24:24 UTC 2022

Dear list,

our project has received the gift of a new computer.

So I can set up a new (old) machine where we do our DTP. We have got two
large screens and printers, scanners, pen-and-tablet and that place is
reserved for "publishing". It will be a mainstream office HP desktop
with sufficient power and memory, no worries there.

I have looked at https://www.scribus.net/downloads/unstable-branch/

and have done some more searching and find that Scribus does not love
OpenSuse (which I know best). Cannot find a package for 1.5.8 for Leap
15.4 and can only get 1.5.6 for Leap 15.3. Not exiting.

So on the Scribus website I mainly see Ubuntu and I see Gentoo. Which of
those two is working really well with Scribus, like mutual love?

We are in Africa and our team is great but will not quickly "just like
that" jump into a new OS and "figure it out". They know OpenSuse so far
with KDE desktop thingy and some recent Windows like 8 and now 10.

My main priority is "Where can we easily obtain the best Scribus and
have it properly installed (no hacks, no compiling, this shall be a
stable production setup)?    (like presently this list has recommended
1.5.8 and it works great for me on my personal Windows notebook)"

I will then learn to install what OS you recommend and will train myself
and the team.

I do not want to trigger any OS discussions, just want to define Scribus
as our priority and have the OS adapt. Of course each answer will
contain opinion and that is fine, I can handle that. Please just share
what works well in your production-setups.

Thank you and greetings,


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