[scribus] Weird text behaviour

Gary Dale gary at extremeground.com
Sat Sep 4 16:46:08 UTC 2021

I have a document pulled together from some scribus-generator templated 
sections and some pages pulled from previous versions. Originally 
created in and now using 1.5.7, the same behaviours are seen in 

The text should be Helvetica 55 Italic. It's a pull-quote from a text 
box in that font (but Roman). The pull-quote is a text box that is a pdf 
annotation linking to an external web site. It looks good in Scribus but 
I note that when in the story editor, the fonts pull-down doesn't list 
all my fonts, including the one defined in the paragraph style for the 
pull-quote. However the fonts do show up in the fonts pulldown for the 
text box the quote was from.

When I export the document to PDF, the pull-quote doesn't show up.

I suspected that there is something fundamentally screwy about the way 
pdf annotations are handled so I turned off the annotation and things 
worked. The text shows up in the exported PDF and the full range of 
fonts returns.

To my of thinking, this makes very little sense. I need two text boxes, 
with one not containing any text, in order to have text link to 
something. In a more common example, I can't create a text box with an 
e-mail address and make that a mail-to link or have a text box with a 
web address link to the web site.

Indeed, there seems to be no real point in having a text box at all. A 
separate pdf annotation object would seem to be less confusing since it 
would remove the useless text box. In the ideal world, any section of 
text or graphic could be a pdf annotation, so that the annotation would 
move with the object.

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