[scribus] Page functionality similar to CorelDraw

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun May 2 23:37:21 UTC 2021

On 5/2/21 3:23 PM, francois072 at e.email wrote:
> On Sunday, May 2, 2021 8:53:13 PM SAST Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 5/2/21 2:27 PM, francois072 at e.email wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> In CorelDraw I would create say 5 pages and design the booklet. Each page
>>> of the booklet on a separate CorelDraw page.
>>> Then when I printed the pages CorelDraw would let page 1-5 be printed in
>>> order and repeat that depending on how many booklets I wanted.
>>> The result is that each booklet would be in the correct order when it came
>>> out of the printer. Only needed to be stapled.
>>> I used A4 pages then when the booklet is stapled each page is A5 size.
>> You can do this with Scribus by using a landscape oriented A4, subdivided
>> into 2 A5 spaces. The trick is the pagination, which you would have to do
>> yourself. Also, depending on whether your printer can print on both sides
>> or not, you would need to manage that as well.
>> Greg
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> How should I subdivide the A4 into A5 pages?
> Where do I do the pagination?
> I can't find the info I'm looking for on the wiki.

This is simply a design issue for yourself. Make a landscape A4 page. To help with placement of items, you can put a vertical guide in the middle. Now you have created 2 A5 spaces to work in.

The pagination is not a function of Scribus. You have to think about what happens when you fold the page. The right-hand A5 side becomes page 1. If you're going to print on both sides, the other side of the paper from page 1 is page 2. You just have to mentally, perhaps helped with some diagrams, work this out, so that after you print your pages and fold them, the pages fall in the right place in the booklet.


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