[scribus] I am new to Scribus: interested to know if Scribus has options for automatically creating references, index, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, glossary based on my inputs

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Aug 21 13:32:47 UTC 2021

On 8/21/21 6:29 AM, Susmita/Rajib wrote:
> Dear Senior List Members and Maintainers,
> Kindly accept my thanks and regards for your support to keep the list
> active and functional.
> I have written a first draft for a non-fiction. I now want to create a
> layout for the book.
> I shall put in the definitions of the words that i have used to
> explain my needs, like they are used in common parlance, in relation
> to book layout/design:
> noun: glossary; plural noun: glossaries
> ------------------------------------------------------
> a list of special or unusual words and their meanings, usually at the
> end of a text or book
> noun: index; plural noun: indexes; plural noun: indices
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1.
> a list in order from A to Z, usually at the end of a book, of the
> names or subjects that are referred to in the book
> plural noun: references
> ---------------------------------
> 1.
> a written or spoken comment that mentions somebody/something
> [...]
> 3.
> a note, especially in a book, that tells you where certain information
> came from or can be found
> plural noun: footnotes
> ------------------------------
> an extra piece of information that is added at the bottom of a page in a book
> plural noun: endnotes
> -------------------------------
>     a note printed at the end of a book or section of a book.
> noun: bibliography; plural noun: bibliographies
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1.
> a list of the books and articles that a writer used when he/she was
> writing a particular book or article
> 2.
> a book, a magazine etc. that gives important information on a particular subject


I would say that most of these are going to be manual operations. In other words, you would need to manually create your own index, references, bibiography, and glossary.
There is some help with footnotes/endnotes. It's a little challenging to find where to go for these -- it took me a little while to sort it out.

You can create a footnote by having your cursor set at some point in a text frame (interestingly, you can't do this within Story Editor), then selecting from the menu Insert > Marks > Foot/Endnote. You cannot have both Footnotes and Endnotes (I think, but see below), and the default is to create footnotes (a note at the bottom of a page).
To change from the default, go to Edit > Notes Styles, and select Endnote instead of Footnote. Click apply, and all existing and future notes go to a list on the last page of your document (which is a text frame you can edit later for placement, etc.). 
I also see though, that this Notes Styles editor has an ability to Add another style, which presumably could be either a footnote or endnote, but you might have to play with this to see how it works. My experience is that most books have either footnotes or endnotes, not both.

As far as generating these other pages, you might use some special character inserted in your text which you could later search for when you're ready to generate your other special pages.

Hopefully, there will be some others on the list who have had some experience with these issues.


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