[scribus] I am new to Scribus: interested to know if Scribus has options for automatically creating references, index, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, glossary based on my inputs

Susmita/Rajib bkpsusmitaa at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 10:29:37 UTC 2021

Dear Senior List Members and Maintainers,

Kindly accept my thanks and regards for your support to keep the list
active and functional.

I have written a first draft for a non-fiction. I now want to create a
layout for the book.

I shall put in the definitions of the words that i have used to
explain my needs, like they are used in common parlance, in relation
to book layout/design:

noun: glossary; plural noun: glossaries
a list of special or unusual words and their meanings, usually at the
end of a text or book

noun: index; plural noun: indexes; plural noun: indices
a list in order from A to Z, usually at the end of a book, of the
names or subjects that are referred to in the book

plural noun: references
a written or spoken comment that mentions somebody/something
a note, especially in a book, that tells you where certain information
came from or can be found

plural noun: footnotes
an extra piece of information that is added at the bottom of a page in a book

plural noun: endnotes
    a note printed at the end of a book or section of a book.

noun: bibliography; plural noun: bibliographies
a list of the books and articles that a writer used when he/she was
writing a particular book or article
a book, a magazine etc. that gives important information on a particular subject

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