[scribus] NOT windows but Apple MAC to linux charset issue for PDF annotations

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sat May 30 14:19:32 UTC 2020

Le 30/05/2020 à 14:32, Šarūnas a écrit :

> Not sure if it helps at all, but this is what I see on Ubuntu 20.04,
> with Evince:
> https://send.firefox.com/download/0222d12bfd151772/#t92aB5_Tx8b0SLKyqv28nw

It works with your install !

> Qpdfview, Okular, old Acrobat Reader 9 for Linux, MasterPDF edit,
> Firefox also show the same.

Then i have to upgrade to 20.04 or fix something on my OS.

> Chrome, Vivaldi browsers replace some accented letters, e.g. è → È.

Same here.
Thanks for checking and telling.


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