[scribus] NOT windows but Apple MAC to linux charset issue for PDF annotations

Šarūnas sarunas at mailbox.org
Sat May 30 12:32:36 UTC 2020

On 5/30/20 2:37 AM, JLuc wrote:
> ... On Ubuntu i also tried to read the document with Chromium : this
> provides better results on linux than Okular or Evince. The
> annotation is not fully scrambled, only the accenctuated or special 
> glyphs. So i can read it.
> I send here a page of the document : 
> https://drop.infini.fr/r/p0eF2mRP_W#ZY6pjE4MM/EwwXYiBAKfruoUoxTwokXUbNss+G3uNUo=
>  It features 5 annotation : the first is OK, the 2nd, 3d and 5th
> have charset issues and appear as 3 scrambled glyphs. The 4th
> annotation reads fine but it could be it is shortened (not sure).

Not sure if it helps at all, but this is what I see on Ubuntu 20.04,
with Evince:

Qpdfview, Okular, old Acrobat Reader 9 for Linux, MasterPDF edit,
Firefox also show the same.

Chrome, Vivaldi browsers replace some accented letters, e.g. è → È.

Šarūnas Burdulis

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