[scribus] [style names]

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Mon May 18 08:11:05 UTC 2020

Le 17/05/2020 à 13:32, Jean Ghali a écrit :
> Le 17/05/2020 à 10:17, JLuc a écrit :
>> In recent svn versions of scribus, both paragraph and characters style names sometime
>> appear in the property palette within [ ].
>> Could a developper explain exactly when these [ ] do appear and are there consequences ?
>> Or should we be warned of something special in such cases ?
> When no style has been applied locally by the user, Scribus will now display the name of
> the style from which text inherits properties inside brackets. In most cases, this will
> probably be the default paragraph style or default character style, however if a style has
> been applied directly to a text box, this might be something different. Consequences : none.

Thanks Jean.
For the character style it seems it can also be the one defined in the paragraphe style.


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