[scribus] Scripts preferences ?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jun 9 13:22:54 UTC 2020

hi jean-luc

>  > when i (or somebody else) adds a gui, i expect the gui to be able
>  > to read and write the config file.  
> Yes. That's still a missing part.

not really, the script works as is.

for most people it will work correctly without any settings. just name
your csv file as described, run the script and you'll get a bunch
of pdf files.

if you want more, you can create a config file.
the drawback being that you have to spend some time to setup a
json file.
the advantage is that once you have a config file, it's trivial to
adapt it for other projects and you can easily run the script from the

if you want a gui for it, i accept pull requests.
it must remain optional and i'd like to have it as simple as possible.
(it might simply be a config generator and loader that can
launch the main script)
personally, i'd prefer to work on a few more features before adding a
but i won't stop you if you work on a GUI!


p.s.: i have no personal use for this script, so don't expect a fast
i've mostly created the script to show a simpler alternative to the
scribus generators, an alternative that works from inside of scribus.
and for experimenting with the reading and writing of styles and
formatting with a script.

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