[scribus] Scripts preferences ?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jun 9 10:11:03 UTC 2020


> Is there a way to define preferences for a script as for we do for
> scribus core features ?
> autotypo script requires several configs and i allways use the same
> In the more recent version i've defined a "dont_ask" mode that uses
> some default values, but it requires to edit the script so as to
> change the default values in case they dont fit. It would be nice to
> be able to setup preferences for this script through a dialog.

the mail merge solution i've created works somehow in that way.
currently the configs are a sla-file-name.conf.json next to

when i (or somebody else) adds a gui, i expect the gui to be able to
read and write the config file.

any script can do the same, and if it makes sense to have global
configs, it can save the settings in

i think it's simpler to let each script manages this rather than adding
the values to the scribus own preferences.
(the configs can be specific to a project, a language or depend on
other specifics)


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