[scribus] Script for (french) thin typographic spaces

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Jun 4 17:08:07 UTC 2020

On 6/4/20 11:14 AM, JLuc wrote:
> Thanks for your feedback Martin.
> I changed the dialog string as proposed.
> As for your very-thin space wishes,
> I dont plan to add an option to tweak the kerning of non breaking thin spaces.
> But once autotypo is applyed, it'll be easier for you :
> just look for the inserted thin nbspaces (no regexp required) and replace them.
> No false positives, no preview-check'n'confirm required
> and you can create a shell script.

Hi JLuc,

I think what Martin was proposing was a way to tweak the width of the non-breaking thin space glyph. I looked that there are no Scripter commands that will do that - you can tweak the horizontal width of a block of text, but I don't think an individual character would fit the syntax.
You could of course edit a font with FontForge, but that only changes the character on your own computer.


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