[scribus] Scribus android

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Sep 3 10:56:17 UTC 2019

> i've allready used a blutooth keyboard that makes typing as easy as
> on a desktop, and there are also bluetooth mouses that probably makes
> precise pointing a lot easier.

now, if you replace your tablet by a small laptop you can use scribus
on it : - )
just a small step missing...

as long as android is not

- a general purpose operating system
- targing productive work (and not focusing only on media consumption)
- that is supposed to be used (in some cases) with keyboard and mouse

i think that doing a port of scribus to android will stay of limited

but, as said, for some tasks it might be useful to have apps that do
things with scribus documents (just not generally edit the file... imo)


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