[scribus] OTF randomized feature - how to activate

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon Oct 29 22:02:52 UTC 2018

Dear List,

Today I discovered, as a holiday-fun-activity, the web-service
Calligraphr. I will not comment either way, just saying that I managed
to create a rather ugly font of my own handwriting. That is where the
ugliness comes from. My wife can read it fluently.

Now I made at least thee variations for each glyph in the main alphabet,
and a so called "randomized font" was generated for me, because I spent
some money and did an upgrade. Still believe in OpenSource, no worries.

Turns out that I cannot find how or where to turn on this OpenType
feature in Scribus.

I know where the "normal" features are, and all I am finding there for
my own font is "ligatures" on/off.

For the last two years or so we have needed handwriting more and more
(for speech balloons in comics and other personal-style matter). In
myfonts.com I see more fonts now with this randomizer-feature.

So if the feature can be used in a recent Scribus, please advise how to
activate. Otherwise, what do other users think about this and the
roadmap please? Should it not be a feature request?

Seems that even MS Word can use the random OpenType feature (but only
since 2010), when activated manually. So this is maybe not some exotic
will-not-last feature but possibly useful to several contexts.

Want to see an example (not mine):

Thanks and greetings,


ZASKE Martin
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