[scribus] How to assign .sla to a new Scribus version?

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Sun Oct 7 12:07:12 UTC 2018

I love the fact that on Windows 10 we can install more than one version
of Scribus, because many of our older 1.4-documents are still useful.

So far .sla is assigned to Scribus 1.4.7 on my machine.

Now more than 90% of my work is done in Scribus 1.5.4 and I just wanted
to re-assign. No joy. All the usual methods are failing, with the result
that when I double-click on any .sla file the old 1.4.7 comes up and
brings an error message about not being able to handle an 1.5-file.

I went to superuser.com and learnt more about Win 10 file-association.
Several of the recommended methods do not work on my machine. And I
noticed something interesting:

I had this advice:
Open the "Windows Settings" app, pick "Apps" and then choose the
"Defaults Apps" item on the left hand side. Scroll down in the main pane
and from the bottom choose "Set defaults by app".

Sadly, non of my installed Scribus versions are listed as "apps" in my
Windows. This would help explain, why my other attempts of updating the
association also failed.

Does this mean, that Scribus, being multi-platform, does not fully
"register" with the OS during installation?

Are there other Win 10 users who have found a workaround and would like
to share how they done it please?

You can stop reading here, my main question is right above.

Context: All my installed Scribus are working very well and I have fun
making documents. All the other ways of opening are fine, for example I
put all three Scribus into my Start-Panel next to each other(the thing
which opens when you push the Windows-key on your keyboard). I can also
start the version of my choice and then get any file via the menu > file
> open.

Just when I have a long list of documents (for example calendars) I have
started tagging the Scribus-version into the file names. So since most
of my recent files are created by 1.5.x I can see that in my
files-explorer and would like to open by double-click.

More context: We have recently finished another edition of our little
magazine: 20 pages A3, exotic minority language, three separate
user-accounts doing layout, two different machines (one Linux, one
Windows), many layers, many styles, many bitmaps, using many inbuilt
features, a lot of collect-for-output, at last using import pages for
assembly of final document, importing vectors, using two scripts,
exporting for printing via PDF, for web-publishing via bitmaps, for
Android-app via text-extract-script and via local-image-export for
complex parts-of-pages.

I am very very happy about the performance of Scribus 1.5.4 and 1.5.3.
We had one mild layout-issue when assembling all pages together. But the
layout was totally stable, several weeks of working and no crashes, all
exported PDFs were valid, even the very complex ones full of
vector-illustrations, no data lost or messed and having fun in
discovering new possibilities.

This question about file-association is not desperate, no urgent
deadline lurking at the moment. Just trying to understand more what is
happening. And finding a solution would make my work more efficient.

Thank you,


ZASKE Martin
responsable GʊGʊ
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