[scribus] question about tables: changing properties.

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Oct 3 15:42:35 UTC 2018

ciao sergio

> 1) Let me say as friendly as I can: I know my project better than
> you, and I think that for my project scribus is good enough.

scribus does not offer the tools to manage well a table with 205 rows.
this seems rather objective to me.
one of the issues is the one that you mention in your original mail.

> 2) I have a lot of issues. But in the style manager, in the table
> styles interface, there is nothing but two color commands. The same
> in the cell style interface, as you can see in the image (scribus
> 1.5.4 28-04-2018 C--T-F-C1.14.6-64bit GhostScript 9.18).
> [image: screen01.png]

i was not talking about table styles, about character or paragraph
sorry for not having being more exact.

re-reading your original question, i see that you did not ask about
change the size of the text, but the thickness of the lines between the

in the past, i have made a few tries with the table cells decorations
and i came to the conclusion that it's not worth fighting with it and --
since in the meantime the tables have not improved -- i've given up
creating tables in scribus.
one of the issues was about reliably setting the lines of a cell or
group of cells.
i think it might be possible to achieve what you want, but you have
discover the exact sequence of manipulation to get there. it's
probably not trivial.

at the end of the day, there are alternatives for adding tabular text in
scribus. and i pick one of them, depending on the project at hand.

> 3) Thank for you help offer; I know how to write a script with
> python, but it is not the right tool for my problem.

it might or not, depending on what table/cells functions are available
in the scripter API.
I haven't checked.

in any way good luck with the table!


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