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Colin Madwolf colin at madwolf.co.uk
Sat Nov 10 15:25:46 UTC 2018

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> Hi Colin,
> It's actually quite simple, even if you've never done it before. 
> You need a plain-text editor. Copy the lines of the script -- the first line should be '#!/usr/bin/env python', then paste to a new document in the editor. Save that file as retainscaling.py (or whatever you choose).
> In Scribus, select the image frame you wish to perform this on, go to the main menu item Scripter, choose Execute Script... and find your file. The next thing you should see is the File Dialog from the script asking you to choose your new image file. Once you click Ok, the image should be loaded and scaled and the script is done.
> After you've done this once, you can go to Scripter > Recent Scripts, and you should see the script as the top choice.
> You can send the script file retainscaling.py to as many others who want to put it on their computer for their own use.
> Greg

Hi Greg

Well too some fiddling, Text edit saved the file as .py.rtf and it failed (even after changing the name and extension) I then looked at it in another editor and there was a load of characters like “/ etc in place of the spaces.  So I opened the .py file and copied teh code again and pasted it in and voila it worked.

Though I have to say it still needs some work - as when you run it again it forgets the path of the files on my computer

So all in all I think it is easier to use the interface and get used to it - the tips in the last email helped a lot.

kind regards
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