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Colin Madwolf colin at madwolf.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 12:17:36 UTC 2018

> On 5 Nov 2018, at 12:00, scribus-request at lists.scribus.net wrote:
> Hi Colin,
> Since I don't have any way of generating IDML files, I have never had a chance to try out importing them. I have imported PDF pages, and while this works, what this gives you is a group of groups of vector objects. AT the lowest level of ungrouping, even the font glyphs are vectors. Text can be exported from Adobe Reader if that's an option. 
> One of the problems with these import methods is that you still may end up with something that is not any more usable for the future.
> Greg

Hi Greg

Well, on the face of it IDML imported files load quickly considering the size of the file and look relatively normal compared to the InDesign file - of course the fonts are not the same, but the frames and text AND the images are all there and can all be used and modified as if it was a native Scribus file.

So, I was not expecting any problems at all !!

So lesson learnt - IDML is a useful way of extracting information from an InDesign file - but not a recommended way of producing a workable finished Scribus file

I am very happy to report back now - that ALL images with drop shadows are visible and there is NO beach ball of death anymore.

I am still struggling with the interface, I am one of those people who likes to use less clicks of the mouse if possible.  In the drop shadow pane it takes TWO clicks to tick the tick boxes - WHY?   I have also noted that when trying to add an outline to text in the Paragraph/character styles editor, the outline colour does not appear highlighted at the bottom, so you cannot select the colour - you have to go back and open the window again - outlines work fine in the text pane though.

Still better than Adobe though :-)

kind regards
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