[scribus] Get articles content online

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed May 2 14:41:31 UTC 2018

hi niilos

> I’m new on this mailing list but I’m spreading Scribus as an InDesign
> alternative for several years now.
> I am writing a little booklet each summer with about 10 people and I
> am using Scribus to print it. We are writing the articles on a custom
> web app. It would be great if we could tell scribus to fetch the
> articles content online ! Our web app have a REST API to access the
> articles. Is there a Scribus plugin that can get some content online ?

this should be doable.
with python scripts, as greg already wrote.

sadly, i don't know if the loading of html from a file is exposed to the
scripter, but it should not be that hard to add if it's not there.

i can help you to get the project going. for money or for free
depending on the characteristics of your project.


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