[scribus] ?= ?==?utf-8?q? Scripting questio

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jun 29 09:11:47 UTC 2018

hoi ralf

> > > To be fair, this is one of the most hidden repositories I've ever
> > > seen. Try to find it on the scribus website (search: git).
> > > Nothing. A google search leads to either the SVN repo or the
> > > above-mentioned github repo.  
> > 
> > You might learn more on www.scribus.net official internet site for
> > scribus.
> > 
> > see
> > https://www.scribus.net/how-to-get-support-or-contact-the-team/  
> I might be stupid or blind (or both) but nowhere on that page does it
> mention the location of the git repository ...

the scribus github repository is trivial to find: just google "scribus
git" and you'll get it!

as the title of the page says: it's a mirror of the official
scribus svn repository.

for one shot contributions you're very welcome to open tickets in
there and add pull request.
i try to take care of them and to mirror them in the official bug

if you are regularly contributing patches, i (or somebody else...) will
ask you open an account in the scribus official bug tracker
(https://bugs.scribus.net) and create your own tickets. at that point i
think it's a an acceptable effort!
(this has been done multiple time in the past and works imo ok)

as you see here


lot of work can be done on a pull request even when it's not in the
official bug tracker.
(yes, i have to go through it, check it and copy it in the bug
tracker... but somebody else can also do it...)

i hope this helps you with your code and your work!


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