[scribus] ?==?utf-8?q? Scripting question

Ralf Mattes rm at mh-freiburg.de
Thu Jun 28 09:29:40 UTC 2018

Am Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018 10:19 CEST, Václav Šmilauer <eu at doxos.eu> schrieb: 
> Hi Ralf,
> I implemented that function (getStyle, which complements existing 
> setStyle) for my own needs, in this commit: 
> https://github.com/eudoxos/scribus/commit/27be147502016b11599ecf5401444b6d9344ffa8 
> . The code is in my github repo at https://github.com/eudoxos/scribus/, 

Cool, thank's for the link. I fixed my problem by writing a c++ plugin that exports text flows
with paragraph styles but I guess your code will be very helpful for upcomming projects.

> the pull request is https://github.com/scribusproject/scribus/pull/90 
> (it also includes text on cyclic paths) but it seems to have been 
> ignored since it was created.

That's too bad . That PR is one year old, why wa there no reaction?
I think the ability to manipulate styling in text flows (StoryText in Scribus parlance) is pretty
important for start-to-end publishing/database based publishing.

 Cheers, RalfD

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