[scribus] designing instructional posters on code/programming -- lots of syntax highlighting

Alec Hill bulk at ahill.io
Fri Jun 1 15:54:29 UTC 2018

Hello a.l.e -- thanks for the response!  (and for all your contributions to
Scribus too of course!)

I'm unfamiliar with some of the technical parts of your proposition --
primarily Scribus's html importer and its scripter -- and so that prompted
me to dig back in and see what sense I could make of the place where I left

It turns out, I wasn't far from having a working solution and I now have a
workflow that might be sufficient!

Mainly I just had to mess around with latex to solve some formatting
problems in the pdf's generated by pdflatex.

I'm embedding these pdfs in scribus.  Is there any downside to that?

And I made a shell script to run on a directory of code that will
regenerate all the pdfs.  Scribus pulls in these updated versions

I'm very pleased to have something working like this, and as long as
embedding pdfs in Scribus isn't a bad practice to avoid (is this ok?) then
I think I'll be all set with this.


On Sun, May 20, 2018 at 12:33 PM, ale rimoldi <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch> wrote:

> hi alec
> if you're interested in a solution that does not involve postscript, i
> would be willing to work on it.
> my preferred way would be a python script that runs in scribus and scans
> all the frames for code (attributes? paragraph styles?)  and applies
> character styles for the highlighting.
> you will probably then have to use 1.5.x, since it's likely that
> i will need to create small patches to scribus and improve the
> scripter (the patches will be proposed for inclusion in the scribus main
> code).
> the alternative is an external python script that produces html files,
> that then can then be imported in scribus.
> on top of it a python scripts runs inside of scribus and updates the
> frames from the external html files.
> in this case too, it might be necessary to improve the html importer
> and possible the scripter.
> again, you'll probably need to use the development
> version of scribus.
> defining a css file that can be read by scribus, is an interesting
> project and i might be able to create a scribus plugin that exports and
> imports css for syncing the styles between files.
> it is very likely that it also would be integrated in the development
> version of scribus.
> so, if you're ready to work with the development version of scribus, i
> could write a project description (and make you a quote).
> hiring me is possible, but i'm not sure it will be trivial.
> i'm probably not in the same country as you and i'm not yet officially
> a freelancers... i won't relocate, but i can do the paperwork with my
> tax authorities.
> getting money for this project is not a condition for me to work on
> it, but i would welcome it, i could earn some money through it.
> finally, getting the whole thing to work with the stable scribus 1.4 is
> for sure possible, but i would only do it for money and only by first
> programming it for the development version and then porting the code to
> the stable version.
> have a wonderful start to the week
> a.l.e
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