[scribus] tables - grouping and ungrouping

Joseph Hogan ecotwo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 19:48:47 UTC 2018

Thanks for everys feedback.

2 points:

1 - what is a tabulator and how do we use them.  Where are they?

2 - How does one make and export a table from LIbre Office Calc?


On 07/04/2018 04:09 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi jospeh and john
>> I spent ages trying to figure out tables, as I was used to the
>> InDesign ways of formatting.
>> So to format the cells, you need to ungroup them to make the changes
>> you need, then select the cells / rows / columns either by shift
>> +click each item or drag the mouse around the items to select then
>> re-group or group then again - should be in the same menu as Ungroup.
> you don't need to ungroup the table to edit the content of the cells.
> depending on the version, just double click on the cell or
> alt-double-click on it.
> in many cases, it's better to avoid using the tables tool in scribus.
> as you already found out, it needs more work to be a ready for
> production.
> as an alternative you can use tabulators or import the table as a
> vector drawing / bitmap.
> ciao
> a.l.e
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