[scribus] ungroup

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Jan 17 15:42:55 UTC 2018

Le 17/01/2018 à 15:32, Gregory Pittman a écrit :
> On 01/17/2018 07:43 AM, mick crane wrote:
>> hello,
>> I noticed that with 2 image frames and one text frame overlaid which I
>> group and then later ungroup the 2 images frames are ungrouped but the
>> text frame is still grouped with one of the image frames, there is no
>> opportunity to ungroup them further. If I click on one I can drag both
>> off the page where clicking elsewhere and then on one of the frames
>> recognizes they are indeed ungrouped.
>> Is there something to do to ungroup everything without having to move
>> their position ?
>> 1.5.3 win 64bit.
> Hi Mick,
> I'm not sure I'm seeing this same situation. I did notice that it may
> depend on how you created your group. If you select a couple of objects,
> group them, then add another object to the selection and group that,
> when you ungroup, it will be in stages. In other words, your first
> ungrouping only ungroups the last object(s) you added, so you need to
> ungroup again to get down to the individual objects.

Otherly said :
groups of groups are'nt groups, but groups of groups.


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