[scribus] font selection and activation

Ben Oliver ben at bfoliver.com
Tue Jan 16 12:31:30 UTC 2018

On 18-01-16 12:42:38, ZASKE Martin wrote:
>On 16.01.2018 11:46, Sergio Spina wrote:
>> I have TexLive installed on my systems, plus a lot of fonts from a wide
>> range of producers. So I have some thousands of fonts. Scribus loads ALL OF
>> THEM every time is started, and uses ALL OF THEM in every window related to
>> the use of the fonts (such as the text editor). This is not useful and is a
>> huge waste of resources.
>> Maybe a possible solution is:
>> File > Preferences > Fonts
>> 1) add the possibility to order the font list by font name, type, subset,
>> path to font file by clicking on the column header;
>> 2) add the possibility to select many fonts at the same time by clicking
>> one font > shift-click or ctrl-click another font;
>> 3) select/deselect the font availability (first column) for the entire
>> selected group, and not for the single font.
>> Is it a good idea or not?
>I am not shouting for new features a lot. But since you ask, whether
>this is a good idea or not, my answer is "yes".
>If you go ahead and make a formal feature-request, I believe this is
>done via the bug-tracking site, then I will give it my +1.
>I "only" have 1200+ fonts installed, because so far I could just get
>along without a real font-manger. But indeed, for each project we only
>need a handful of fonts and selecting a certain font in Scribus is a
>chore sometimes.
>So a little more functionality for font-activation at document-level
>would probably help many users. The developers will know, what can be
>done with reasonable resources.
>I have started appreciating the option, where we can avoid the
>loooong-scrolling in the colours, by just ticking "Display only used
>colours". This freshly proposed and similar feature shows the validity
>of this new idea along the lines of "less is more". For colours I
>believe we can even make our own Colour Sets and save them with custom
>PS: Happy and good new year to you all; I believe this is my second post
>this year, and I forgot a few minutes ago.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. It's great that you can disable fonts 
but the current way of doing it makes it essentially impossible for 
those with more than 20 fonts installed.

For me a 'select all' option would suffice for now (which would in 
theory give you the ability to disable all), but even better would be a 
way to have font collections just like you have colour palettes.

I also really like the idea of a 'show only used fonts' option - this is 
actually what I wind up using most with colours so it would make total 
sense to have it for fonts. In fact - I was somewhat surprised it wasn't 
there already and found myself googling how to do it.

I am of course all talk - I have no idea how to implement this... ;)

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