[scribus] Exporting with transparency - alpha channel

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sun Dec 30 13:40:23 UTC 2018

Le 28/12/2018 à 12:26, ZASKE Martin a écrit :
> I have started making "stickers" for WhatsApp to reach a young audience for
> being literate in their mother tongue (minority language). WhatsApp has
> introduced the use of stickers from October 2018 - and also allows users
> to make custom stickers. This is an involved process with strict guidelines.
> So I am using Scribus to make word-marks like "cool!", "wow", "me too",
> "don't even think about it", for a minority language. Those will then be
> converted to an Android App and distributed via the Play Store.
> I could prepare the artwork in Inkscape and export PNGs, but I love the
> better typographical controls I have in Scribus.
> Now I am looking to streamline my workflow. One main stylistic feature
> of those stickers is their visual integration into users' threads: Other
> visuals like photos or video clips come as brute boxes. But stickers
> blend into the users' custom background by way of transparency. So
> Android Studio needs PNG files with an alpha channel, which then get
> converted to WebP files (not my choice) and can be packed as an app (APK
> file).

This projects reads interesting...
and "trendy", which is rare (and precious) for scribus !

When you have some time, would you document more precisely
the different steps of the process
and give examples of the files, resulting images and pages ?
(possibly on your blog or on scribus wiki)


> For years we have used and appreciated the possibility to export PNG
> files directly from a Scribus document to produce other WhatsApp content.
> I also know how I can have a "green screen effect" by using > Document
> Setup > Display > Colors > Page Fill and apply that typical "studio
> green". This green background I need to remove in GIMP to have an
> alpha-channel.
> ==================================================================
> And now I am fishing for a more efficient method to get WebP files or
> PNG files with transparency from my Scribus documents.
> The window where I can set the page-fill-color only gives my six digits
> as in #00ff00 but I would like to put #00ff0000. If there is another way
> to tell Scribus what is to be the transparent background, please let me
> know.
> ==================================================================
> Thanks and good final days of 2018 to you all.
> Martin

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