[scribus] chain frames, "do not" link them

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Wed Dec 19 22:42:54 UTC 2018

> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2018 um 19:54 Uhr
> Von: "ale rimoldi" <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch>
> An: scribus at lists.scribus.net
> Betreff: Re: [scribus] chain frames, "do not" link them
> dear mr. christoph schaefer
> > It would be helpful if you could rephrase both of your latest
> > replies, because a) some operative (and grammatically necessary)
> > words seem to be missing; b) sentences are unfinished; and c) you
> > moved the goalposts by introducing several other terms.
> > 
> > Honestly, I'm struggling to make sense of these postings. More
> > consistency would be helpful to frame the debate.
> sorry for having confused you.
> it was not my goal.
> just one more thing from my side: my aim is to avoid the use of the word
> "link" for the chains of text frames.
> i don't "need" the term "chain" to be used, even if i still think, it's
> a fitting term.
> best regards
> a.l.e

Come on! Missing words or parts of sentences can happen to everyone, especially if typing in haste. I was referring to things like this: "ps.: and if it does not translate well into swedish (or any other language), that should not be a stopper for choosing an english word. personally, i have the feeling that the german "verknüpfen" (wiktionary: etwas mit etwas gedanklich in einen Zusammenhang bringen) and the french "enchaîiner" (larousse: Lier des actions, des mouvements, des phrases, etc., les uns aux autres, faire qu'ils se succèdent de manière logique, coordonner selon un certain ordre ou de manière ininterrompue)..."

What is this supposed to mean? The final part of the sentence is missing. If you want to discuss issues in earnest, it's not very helpful to leave people in the dark about what you mean to say.

Also, if "link" is perfectly fine for native speakers of English *and* also used by the leading commercial DTP programs, why change it?


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