[scribus] Digital distributed magazine on A4 or A5

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Dec 19 18:25:14 UTC 2018


Den ons 19 dec. 2018 kl 11:17 skrev Peter Roosenboom <peter at midro.net>:

> I am the editor of a genealogy club magazine. We used to distribute it
> printed. To reduce the costs we decided to only distribute it as a pdf
> by e-mail. It was printed in A5. It is not clear to me whether to go on

While I like Scribus, it is mainly targeted towards printing, and PDF is a
format mainly intended for printing too. If your readers are not going to
print, maybe PDF by e-mail is not the best solution to use.

Also Scribus has a reputation for creating large PDFs (big file size),
which means for an e-mail you may need to post-process your magazine to
reduce the file size.

If it is intended to be read on the screen, I would suggest neither A4 nor
A5, but a format that is better suited for reading on screen.

Also if it is intended to be read on the screen, there are a lot if design
issues to avoid. For example multi column is useless when reading on screen
(first read to the bottom of the page, then scroll back upp to read second
column (while avoiding to accidentally scroll to the previous page) before
going to next page).

Depending on the number of pages, a HTML e-mail is possibly a better

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