[scribus] Optical Margins - which glyphs are involved

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Sat Dec 1 11:37:41 UTC 2018

I am aware that the left-side Optical Margins are broken and have a
issue-number since 2012. (#0010539)

There is always hope. I will wait.

Still, at the moment our team is preparing a batch of many
children's-books with very little text in huge font-sizes. So they do
not even try to set justified text. But the left margin looks very
frazzled where a line is starting with a typographical apostrophe
(possessive-marker in our language).

I have already figured out a work-around; so the above is just context.

Today, out of curiosity, I spent one hour+ trying to find the location
in the source code, where the glyphs/characters are listed or defined,
which get the "special treatment" whereby the optical margins get
improved. I found a lot of detail where the "calculations" are
happening, but not the data, where the characters are stored.

I want to add some custom glyphs (hack) which for our minority language
often show up at the end or at the beginning of lines. This is my question.

So all I need please is the name of a file where the concerned glyphs
are listed or otherwise defined (Unicode Category or whatever).

thank you and greetings,


Please note that I am not even proposing a new feature, although
user-access to the list of optical-margin-concerned-characters might be
interesting to other "exotic-language" users too.

ZASKE Martin
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