[scribus] Re Document saved to a temporary file error in 1.4.6

Bert Driehuis bertd.fpevohf.arg at taw.playbeing.com
Thu Apr 26 10:57:11 UTC 2018

Dear Lisa,

> Over the last week or so have been getting the following error when I save a
> document I'm working on in Scribus 1.4.6
> 'Your document was saved to  temporary file and could not be moved:
> \\filelocation\scribusfilename.sla.fourdigitnumber (such as 8512)

This kind of thing is usually due to file locking on the OS level. You
appear to be saving to a fileserver, so there are many factors

I am not personally familiar with the "save file" implementation of
Scribus, but the error message suggests that the file server refused
to rename the temporary file into the original name. This is usually
caused by a different process (possibly on another PC) having the same
file open. I have seen similar errors being caused by backup tools and
file server malware scanners. It's hard to be more specific without
knowing more of your setup, but then again this kind of thing is hard
to figure out remotely. Maybe someone else has other thoughts that are
more helpful...

A workaround would be to store the document on your own computer and
copy it to the share every once in a while.

With kind regards,


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