[scribus] Render Frame Variables

Václav Šmilauer eu at doxos.eu
Mon Apr 16 04:26:32 UTC 2018

> Perfect.  Thanks.
> However, it doesn't seem to be working the way I would expect.  I'm 
> updating a render frame tool (attached) to simplify it's process.  Part 
> of the process is to write an auxiliary file and I'm trying to make each 
> instance of the render frame using this tool write its own file set by 
> using $scribus_file$ as part of the name of the auxilary file.  However, 
> when I attempt this I get a permission error indicating that the 
> auxiliary file cannot be written.  When I don't use the variable, the 
> file is written just fine, but of course it's the same file for all 
> instances of the tool use (not so important because the file is 
> overwritten each time the frame is updated) and said file persists after 
> Scribus is closed (more important as this will lead to lots of left 
> overs building up if Scribus is being actively used and the machine is 
> not rebooted frequently).  Does anyone have any ideas why 
> `$scribus_file$-score.gabc` is not writable while 
> `scribus_file-score.gabc` is?
As far as I can tell, $scribus_file$ contains also the path, not just
the base file name. Can you attach TeX .log file? You might be lucky to
find it as something like /tmp/scribus_render_XXXXXX/something.log :) I
am just reading the source for you and cannot help you more at this
point. v.
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