[scribus] feedback needed: snap to items

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Apr 3 09:52:03 UTC 2018

hi philip

> 1. I would not choose shift as a modifier but some other normal
> shortcut to kind of toggle the snapping behavior.

why not?

> There could also be the functionality of hitting that key multiple
> times to switch between two different snapping options like
> frames/rulers to objects.

i'm not a big fan of hitting a key multiple times...
inkscape does it for the rotation / moving of items... and it always
feels awkward to me... (personally, i tend to prefer the "antenna"

in my eyes, the proposed behavior (shift) has the following advantage:
you can start your movement without the snapping enabled and only
enable it when you're close to the place where it should then really

> 2. Keeping in mind that this idea is getting quite complex it would
> be nice if objects that are snapped to a ruler, would move too, when
> the ruler is moved or changed...

good idea.

but, then it should be explicit!

if something has snapped, than it gets an option with the reference to
the thing it has snapped to.
scribus should not try to find out what is possibly snapping by
querying the positions of each item...
if the feature is well prepared (with a clear focus and limits), it
might be not so hard to implement...
if it's only half planned, it will probably become a twelve headed


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